Getting Started

Developing Intimate relationship with God

The primary purpose of the Holy Ghost School is to bring us into a close and intimate personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. We need this closeness and intimacy with the Lord in these Last Days more than ever before. Why? Because the Last Days shall be a difficult time for one to live in.
It is called perilous times when there shall be many dangers to lives and properties; and the troubles shall be happening all over the world, so that there shall be no place to run to in this earth. Jesus said “the hearts of men shall fail them for fear. for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” (Luke 21 : 25-28).  He also said that the Love of many believers shall wax cold – because of the hard times they are passing through. (See Matthew 24 : 9-13).
The only safe place shall be the presence of God. And only those who are close and intimate with Him can dwell in His presence! These ones shall abide unto the end! Today, many believers are not close to God. They may be close to the Pastor, to the General Overseer, etc, but they are not close to Jesus, the only One that can lead and direct us safely.
Today, many believers are running about, from church to church and from fellowship to fellowship, looking for miracles, “solutions”, blessings and all that. Today, many believers are too busy with activities that they do not have time to be alone with the Lord – in their homes! All these things are dangerous, especially as we approach the huge darkness of the last days. It is becoming increasingly dangerous for believers to continue to run about, without clear focus and direction from the Lord.
Things must change if we are to overcome in the end time battles. Those who will endure to the end are those who allow God to draw them closer and prepare them now! And that is exactly what God is doing in the Holy Ghost School: He is drawing His children to Himself to teach and prepare us for the perilous days that are coming. Those who are not prepared now shall not be able to stand then. Those ones shall deny Christ, and their Love shall wax cold (Matthew 24 : 12). But those who know their God shall be strong and shall endure to the end (Matthew 24:13). The time to prepare is now! Ask God to draw you closer and begin to prepare you ! He is waiting for your request.