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About Discipleship Program (Read)

Holy Ghost School is also a Discipleship program. When the Holy Spirit is teaching and leading someone directly, then that person has become a true disciple of the Lord Jesus. This is what God wants to do in our lives in this end time. He wants to make us true disciples of the Lord.
Disciples are disciplined and separated people, people who have truly yielded their entire lives to Jesus, and are willing to obey whatever He directs them. Disciples are different from the crowd which roams about, always seeking miracles and blessings. Disciples go beyond miracles and blessings. They seek to know the Lord more intimately, so as to do what pleases Him. Therefore He gives them more grace and authority to walk with Him and please Him. Disciples are the ones He will use to carry out His end-time program, for He will make them faithful unto the end.
Holy Ghost School is therefore a discipleship program.
Do you want to become Jesus’ true disciple? Many believers today are not His true disciples! If you desire to become His disciple, then study Matthew 16:24 and Matthew 10: 34-39 and fully make up your mind. Are you willing to surrender your all to Him? Are you willing to let Him discipline you, and change your life and character so that you can become like Him? Are you willing to receive the nature and life of Christ, and abandon your own ways completely?
Then tell Him to make you His disciple! Your duty is to obey Him, while His duty is to MAKE YOU what He wants you to become (Mark 1 :17).
Through Holy Ghost Schooling, He will begin to make you His worthy and true disciple whom He would use for His end-time kingdom purposes.
The Bride of Christ is today full of spots and wrinkles, polluted! So, what is God doing about this ugly situation? God is drawing us close so that He would cleanse and purify us from our many impurities. That is what He is doing in Holy Ghost School, It is called “Clothing, beautification and perfection” of the Bride of Christ. We must all pass through His refining fire so as to be clean for Him. Only vessels that are demised and sanctified will be used by Him in His end-time work. Only cleansed and purified believers will also be raptured in the end, because Heaven is for a prepared people only!
So, do you want God to cleanse and beautify your life; also at this hour of preparation? Then ask Him to do so. We must not assume that we are alright until God reveals real-life tons. Many things are hidden in our lives that only the light of His revelation can show. Read Ephesians 5: 25- 27 and 2 Timothy 2:21. Then do not give Him rest until He begins the work of cleansing your life. This is what Holy Ghost School is all about. It is only through this work of cleansing and sanctification that we will become like Jesus.